Candle & Fragrance

Candle & Fragrance

ClientNest Fragrance
Type of package2 Pc Rigid Box
Special FeaturesHigh die insert with foam to hold the candles

Candle and fragrance boxes are types of packaging used to store, transport, and sell candles, perfumes, and other scented products. These boxes are designed to protect the products inside from damage, preserve their fragrance, and provide an attractive presentation to consumers.

They come in many shapes and sizes, depending on the specific product they are designed to hold.


Some common types of candle and fragrance boxes include:

Gift boxes: These boxes are designed to hold one or more candles or fragrance products and are often used as gifts. They may include customized branding, decorative elements, and personalized messages.

Display boxes: These boxes are used to showcase multiple candles or fragrance products on store shelves. They may include customized branding and graphics to attract consumers.


Candle and fragrance boxes can also include additional features such as:

Custom foam inserts: These inserts are custom-cut to hold each product securely in place and protect them from damage during transport.

Transparent windows: Some boxes have clear windows that allow consumers to see the product inside without opening the box.

Decorative elements: Many candle and fragrance boxes are decorated with colorful patterns, graphics, or embossed designs to create an upscale look and feel.


Overall, candle and fragrance boxes play an important role in the packaging and marketing of scented products.

Candle and Fragrance

Reed Diffuser and Vase

2 Pc rigid setup box with a custom die-cut platform to hold the vase and the reeds We also punched holes in the platform to hold a barbed elastic.

3 Pc Neck style setup box and a custom die-cut insert.

3 pc Neck style box with custom lined and die-cut insert.

2 pc box with insert, match holder and ribbon.

3pc Neck style box with high die insert and platform

Dior Fragrance lid box with ribbon tab.

Whiskey fragrance kit

3 Pc Neck style box with insert to hold soap and candle.

2 pc rigid box with insert.

Candle Trio Box with insert

Clamshell style box with platform and ribbon stops.

3 Pc Neck style perfume box