Welcome To United Paper Box Co.

United Paper Box Co. is a family owned and operated rigid setup box manufacturer. We are dedicated to the needs of our customers. We strive to make sure that your product packaging decision is as easy as possible as to allow you to concentrate on getting your product out to the market. We understand the need to get through the sizing and prototype process in a timely manner and will do everything we can do to achieve this.

Industries Served by rigid set-up boxes

  • Cosmetics- Perfumes, Colognes
  • Fine Foods- Chocolates, Jams, Sauces
  • Luxury Products-Leather goods, Clothing, Shoes
  • Medical- Stethoscopes, Medical devices
  • Entertainment-Movie Box sets, Puzzles etc
  • Stationary-Note card sets, Wedding invitation sets
  • Marketing-Product launches, Corporate meetings
  • Fragrance-Candles, Scented oils, Soaps
  • Liquor-Gift sets, Wine sets
  • Games and Hobby-Game boxes, Game Boards
  • Marketing Pieces
  • Point Of Purchase Displays
  • Software Packaging
  • Artist Products-Journal Covers, turned edge work